What Is a General Contractor?


A general contractor (also known as the prime or main contractor) is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction project. This person oversees the trades and vendors on the job site, and communicates with all parties. There are several types of general contractors. Below is a brief overview of the different types of contractors and the roles they play. Gutter Repair Baldwin County can handle all of your gutter replacement and roof repair services.

As a mortgage company bronx service, you will be involved in nearly every stage of a construction project, and may even stay on top of it after completion. The job is extremely demanding, and you must have complete control over the project and know where any issues are to prevent costly mistakes from occurring. In addition to this, being a general contractor can be a great fit for those who are looking for flexibility in their work schedule. Dealing with Bed Bugs Maricopa County, AZ? Our experienced team provides effective bed bug control services to eliminate these pests and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

The primary difference between an employee and a contractor is the way in which the contractor is paid. Employees are paid through a company’s payroll system. However, contractors are set up in the accounts payable system as separate vendors. This way, they can be paid according to the payment terms agreed upon between the two parties. Plumbing Bexar County TX provides commerical drain cleaning and is affordable.

A general contractor may be a good choice for a construction project, but it is vital that you research prospective contractors before hiring them. Make sure to ask for references and examples of their work. Also, make sure the contractor is licensed to work in your area. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau to ensure they are reputable. Chimney Water Leak Repair Saint Paul, MN provides chimney rebuilds and chimney masonry repair.

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