About Us


The Young Empire promotes the work of young black talent in business, politics, film, TV, fashion and sport.

In a world where negative headlines outshine the positive, The Young Empire strives to restore the balance.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a surge of young black entrepreneurs, sportsmen and creatives rise to the top of their industries and we aim to offer a platform for them to tell their stories and share tips for success.

Through a mixture of daily news, features and videos, The Young Empire aims to inspire, support and expose the work of this generation, affectionately dubbed ‘generation DIY’, to audiences both young and old.

Founded in 2016, The Young Empire has won support from a number of celebrities, including US model Karrueche Tran, UK rapper Stormzy and US rapper Bow Wow and, in the same year, earned a Screen Nation Award nomination for Best Youth Magazine.

Though still in its infancy, The Young Empire is committed to telling the stories of our young leaders because, as our name suggests, we recognise their work provides vital building blocks for future generations.

We always want to here about young people making waves in their industries. If you know these young people or are one of them yourself, please contact us: youngempireinfo@gmail.com


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