Meet Sherron A. Stevens: A 21-year-old author of two books, founder of a car detailing service and owner of a food truck


MEET SHERRON A. Stevens, a 21-year-old college student from Columbus, Ohio, who is already an author of two books and the founder of a successful mobile Auto detailing service, is launching a food truck that will give customers a one of a kind experience.

Bondfire Grill will sell the bonfire experience and bring people to a centralised area for an unintentional bonding experience.

In addition to the bonding experience, he plans to have home cooked meals.

His create-your-own style menu would include BBQ pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, BBQ baby back ribs or sweet meatball sandwiches.

A percentage of his sales each month will go back into a community-based organisation, whether that is a homeless shelter or any other organization that helps fight a cause.

Each month, the community will vote on the organisation in which the sales would be disbursed.


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