Shariah Harris, 19, becomes first black woman to ride in US polo’s highest league

MAKING HISTORY: Shariah Harris

EARLIER THIS month, Shariah Harris became the first African-American woman to play in the highest polo league in the United States.

The 19-year-old took the field for the Postage Stamp Farm team and became a pioneer in polo, breaking barriers in the white, male-dominated sport.

Shariah didn’t always she her future in polo, but rather stumbled on it by chance.

“We got lost in the park, and she made a right-hand turn to a dead-end road and saw the stables,” she told CBS2’s Steve Overmyer.

What she found was Work to Ride, a program helping inner-city youth who would’ve never touched a horse find their calling.

“Summers, we’re up there every day, all day,” Harris said. “Eight a.m. to nine at night. You come up after school and ride exercise horses, sometimes tutoring. It’s a full commitment.”

Polo became Harris’ passport to a new life. She earned a scholarship to Cornell, where she led the polo team to the national finals. And she was named the U.S. Polo Association’s National Player of the Year.

She played her first public match on July 9 at the Greenwich Polo Club.


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