Black excellence

Aja Brown, Compton’s youngest mayor, sworn in for a second term


COMPTON’S YOUNGEST mayor Aja Brown was sworn in for her second term on July 7.

After taking her oath to serve another four years in office, the 35-year-old told the audience of 500 that now is the “time to move forward”.

“Onward.  It’s time to finish the work,” she said. “If it isn’t about progress, it’s petty. Put it aside.”

Aja ― who made history in 2013 at age 31 when she was elected as the city’s youngest mayor ever ― won about 62 percent of the vote, defeating former Mayor Omar Bradley in June’s election, KABC reported.

“Progress comes at a price,” she added. “You have to be willing to make tough calls and takes the hits. For those of you that have followed the last four years, you know that we’ve had our fair share.  But I can tell you without a doubt that this journey has been nothing short of amazing and I give God all the glory and thank the residents from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve as your mayor.”


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