Black excellence

This 29-year-old barber from Philadelphia provides homeless people with free haircuts

GIVING BACK: Brennon Jones

MEET BRENNON Jones, a barber from Philadelphia who provides the homeless with free haircuts.

“To me it means a lot. It means that someone cares. It shows me that someone sees what we go through and they wanna do something about it.”

“When you’re on a mission and God has put you on this path nothing should stop you,” he told FOX 29.

As part of his ‘Cutz For Compassion Tour’, as well as providing free haircuts, Brennon also provides “bags of toiletries, bag lunches, prizes and games and giveaways”.

“It’s all geared around the homeless and less fortunate and it started with a haircut,” the 29-year-old said.

His concept remains simple, go to areas with large homeless population and give out free haircuts but when his story went viral people wanted to help first at a larger local event.

“I had seven barbers from the surrounding areas and we set up an outdoor salon. We cut 89 people’s hair that particular day,” he added.

He’s now personally given nearly 200 free haircuts to the homeless and less fortunate with no desire to slow down.

“A lot of people ask me hey when will you stop, I will never stop I’m invested.  My heart is invested. I never took barbering so serious until now.”


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