Two years ago, a gunman killed Chris Singleton’s mother in the Charleston church shooting. This week, the Chicago Cubs drafted him

DRAFTED: Chris Singleton

THE SON of one of nine people shot and killed by racist gunman Dylann Roof inside a Charleston church has been drafted by major baseball team, the Chicago Cubs

Chris Singleton was in university when his mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, a 45-year-old track and field coach, was gunned down in a racially-motivated attack at the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 15, 2015.

At his mother’s funeral, Chris, then a baseball player at Charleston Southern University, said he’d last spoken to his mother by phone while she was at Bible study.

He had called to ask where she had hidden the remote control in their house.

She whispered that it was in the closet, tucked away so his little brother would not play too many video games.

“If we just love the way my mom would, then the hate won’t be nearly as strong as the love is,” Singleton said at the funeral.

Just two years shy of the second anniversary of his mum’s passing, Chris, who was left to take care of his two younger siblings, was called as the 585th draft pick during the 19th round of the MLB draft.

The Cubs’ decision comes just after Singleton finished his junior season at CSU, starting in all 51 games, recording 18 steals, 38 runs scored and four home runs.



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