Black excellence

Teen born with no arms sketches Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving with his toes


A 19-YEAR-OLD who was born without arms has gone viral after sketching a portrait of Cleveland Cavaliers starting point guard, Kyrie Irving, using his feet.

Chris Nelson, from Cleveland, was asked to draw Kyrie’s image by a girl at his school, just a few days before game 1 of the NBA Finals and admitted that he had a hard time drawing the sportsman’s facial features.

Despite his struggles, Chris’ finished product still holds an uncanny resemblance to the all-star guard.

“I always tell people to never treat him like he is disabled,” Chris’ mum, Lashandra, said in a report from WEWS NewsChannel5. “We treat him the same way like we are. If he gets in trouble, he gets yelled at like the rest of them”.

Chris recently graduated from Lincoln West High School in Cleveland, Ohio. He finished top 10 in his class and received a prestigious honor voted by teachers and principals.

He will start to work towards a degree in computer science and graphic design in a community college in fall.


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