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Tia Mowry says Sister Sister reboot is ‘closer than ever’

REBOOT: Tia Mowry-Hardrict says a Sister Sister reboot is in the works

TIA MOWRY-Hardrict has revealed that a reboot of the much-loved 90s show ‘Sister Sister’ is “closer than ever”.

Speaking to Wendy Williams, the actress, who starred alongside her twin sister Tamera in the show, confirmed that “everybody’s on board”.

“I would love to do a Sister, Sister reboot,” Tia told Wendy Williams on the March 16 edition of The Wendy Williams Show. “I will say, it’s closer than ever to making that happen. We’re trying to make it no longer a rumor. And everybody’s on board so far, so we’ll see.”

Speaking with the last year about a potential reboot she said she just needed to “get in touch” with the right people to make the reboot happen.

She agreed that a lot of people would love to see the cast reunite after all these years.

In a separate interview with the publication, twin sister Tamera said they have an “idea” about the reboot and were just “looking for a studio” to make it official.


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