NFL star Richard Sherman keeps his promise to a student by helping her pay for college after she gets her grades up

PROMISE: Richard Sherman and Hershai James

NFL STAR Richard Sherman told high school student Hershai James he would fund her college tuition if she managed to get her grades up and make the school’s honour roll.

So, Hershai did just that.

It all started at a charity dinner a year ago, held to support former Seahawk Michael Robinson’s annual Celebrity Waiter Dinner and Football Camp.

The Seahawks cornerback met Hershai, a high school junior with middling grades and he challenged her to work her way onto her school’s honour roll in her senior year.

Using his promise as motivation, James took up the challenge. This spring, she graduated from Varina High School on the honor roll, with a 3.0 GPA. Remembering Sherman’s promise to her, Hershai reached out to Johnathan Mayo, the executive director of Excel to Excellence’s Team Excel program, and told him about her accomplishment.

Johnathan passed the news along to Richard, who said he remembered his promise and would gladly honour it.

“It goes back to knowledge is power, and if you have knowledge, you’re going to be as powerful as you ever want to be,” Sherman told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


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