Meet Tiana Bell: The 22-year-old salon owner providing weaves and extensions for clients battling cancer


MEET TIANA Bell, the 22-year-old founder of a salon in Michigan providing extensions, weaves, custom wigs, lashes to clients, specifically those battling cancer.

Tiana’a mother was diagnosed with the disease in 2014 and, after starting chemotherapy, decided to shave off her hair.

It was then that Tiana an avid wig-wearer, who had started a business of buying and selling hair extensions and hair weaves online and on campus as ‘side hustle’ some years prior, tapped into her hobby and started making wigs for her mum, from short cropped to long flowing.

This is when the Allen Michael Experience was launched, a 1400 sq. ft. salon located at 29193 Northwestern Hwy in Southfield.

“She was kind of like my test dummy,” Tiana, who’d taught herself the art by watching YouTube videos, says of her mother. “It really just kind of blossomed.”

Soon, friends and family were placing orders. “People couldn’t believe it was wigs.”

Tiana’s mother has now been cancer-free for two years, but her goal is to help others going through similar experiences and through that, her business continues to thrive.

Tiana, who was studying to be a doctor at Michigan State prior to founding her salon, says she’s committed to giving women their confidence back.

“I try to do wigs for the everyday woman,” she said with some of her skills including turning virgin hair into short pixies, simple cuts with bangs, long curly locks and more, all in any custom colour, while her lace wigs even give hair a natural look at the hairline (complete with baby hair, if you’d like) or when it’s parted anywhere.

“These wigs kind of give them their confidence back,” she added. “I try to make sure that everyone feels that they’re spending their money on something that lasts – and that it’s something personable.”


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