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Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome win  ‘Best Kiss’ at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

WINNERS: Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome

MOONLIGHT’S BREAKOUT stars Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome won best kiss at the MTV Movie and TV Awards last night (May 7).

Ashton, 21, and Jharrel, 19, took the stage together to accept the award for the acclaimed film, which tells the coming-of-age story about a black gay boy.

The two actors were up against a slew of other TV and movie stars, including La La Land‘s Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, Beauty and the Beast‘s Emma Watson and Empire‘s Taraji P. Henson.

“I really have to start with saying thank you to my parents,” said Jharrel. “I love y’all so much. But on a real note I think it is safe to say that it is okay for us young performers, especially us minority performers, to step out of the box. It’s okay for us to step out of the box and do whatever it take to tell the story and whatever it takes to make the change.”

“This award is for that,” he added. “It’s for us artists who are out there, who need to do whatever it takes to get people to wake up.”

“This award is bigger than Jharrel and I,” Ashton agreed. “This represents more than a kiss. This is for those who feel like the others, the misfits; this represents us.”


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