Nicki Minaj offers to pay tuition fees for fans if they can prove they got straight A’s

INCENTIVE: Nicki Minaj

NICKI MINAJ has offered to pay the college tuition fees for her fans if they can prove they got straight A’s.

After announcing the news on Twitter, her followers began sending her screengrabs of report cards and stories of their financial troubles.

The rapper was happy to answer pleas from $1,000 (£770) to $6,000 (£4600) if students could prove what it was for.

She joked that if she didn’t stop with the donations she wouldn’t have “any money left”.

Around 30 fans were chosen with the 34-year-old promising to do a similar incentive in the future.

Earlier this year, Chance The Rapper donated $1m (£870,00) to schools in Chicago for “arts and enrichment programming”.

Speaking to reporters he said: “This isn’t about politics, this isn’t about posturing, this is about taking care of the kids.”

At the time he put pressure on others to do the same.

“The cheque that I donated is a call to action,” he said.

“I’m challenging major companies and corporations in Chicago and across the US to donate and take action.”

The Chicago Bulls later matched his $1 million donation to Chicago’s Public Schools.


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