Black excellence

This 14-year-old is a boutique owner and has released her third book, which aims to inspire and empower young people in life and school

EXCELLENCE: Essynce Moore

MEET ESSYNCE Moore, the 14-year-old business owner and author who has written three books, which she hopes will inspire and empower young people in school and beyond.

Her book series, Middle School Chronicles, prepare students for middle school, assisting them with self-esteem, bullying, teaching them how to handle certain situations with teachers and friends.

Released in 2015, Essynce’s first book 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Where No Secrets Are Kept was Amazon’s Top International seller.

Her second book 7th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Oh Essynce, If Only You Could See the Future… was released in 2016.

Both books are mandatory reading for some school curriculums.

The latest book, 8th Grade Middle School Chronicles, has completed the series.

When Essynce isn’t writing books, the young entrepreneur also owns a boutique, a fashion designing business, and gives motivational speeches.


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