Black excellence

Jereshia Hawk leads a $400 million project providing natural gas to over 6 million people while running her own successful consulting business


JERESHIA HAWK is the epitome of hard work and dedication.

By day she is a transmission pipeline engineer for a Fortune 500 company helping provide natural gas and electricity to over 6 million people every day and by night runs a consulting business for women who work nine-to-five, but also want to build a business on the side.

The Detroit-based founder of Goal Getter says planning is an important part of success.

She told “Create a plan and get specific [with it]. How much money do you want to earn a month? How are you going to earn it? What resources do you need to make that happen? What actions do you need to take to achieve your goal?”

Adding: “Don’t get caught up with being busy, [if you are] not actually being productive.”

Jereshia also told the publication that asking for help is also important: “Knowing who to ask for help is more important sometimes than knowing the answer. You need to have a friend, a mentor, or a mastermind to turn to, for when you start feeling unsure of what to do next.”


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