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Eight-year-old twins launch bottled water company for kids and it’s stocked in stores around New York

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS: Brazil and Princeton Dowe

MEET BRAZIL and Princeton Dowe, eight-year-old twins from New York who have founded bottled water company for kids.

The siblings noticed that many kids don’t drink water and often drink fizzy drinks instead, which formed the basis of Water 2 Kids.

They both had a vision to create a product that would give children a healthy option, so they developed bottled water that comes from the natural springs of the mountains, and branded it to attract kids.

“Kids don’t drink a lot of water because they don’t see it in the store, just for them,” Brazil explained.

The product is now stored 17 shops area the New York area and is supported by their mother, Alina.

She hopes that Water 2 Kids will encourage more children to switch from soda to water and benefit more children than just her own.

The twins continue to attend school, do their homework, and participate in other activities while running their company.


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