Black excellence

Meet Jerry Spatch: The 21-year-old creator of a freestyle rap-based game set to bring diversity to the gaming industry

CREATOR: Jerry Spatch

MEET JERRY Spatch, a 21-year-old Northeastern University student, who has created a game to add a little variety to your fun nights in.

Vers is a hip-hop inspired game that aims to teach players how to rap.

The premise is simple: Each player gets one “base” card, which has three words listed on it that rhyme. “Mean,” “teen,” and “thirteen,” for example. Then, the player gets a “category” card with a simple word or concept on it, like “chicken” or “locket.”

The player must then make a short freestyle using the category card for inspiration and the words on the base cards as the rhymes.

The best freestyle wins the round. “It’s basically a template for rapping,” Spatch told the Boston Globe.

Jerry dabbles in rap himself, and came up with the idea after rhyming over beats at parties.

“Afterwards, people would come up and say, ‘That was so amazing, how do you get your mind to work that fast?’” he said. “That got me thinking, if I give people the pieces to freestyle, and make it easy for them, it might be kind of cool and would probably a fun time.

“It would show them how to work the words together, and give them a skill they didn’t know they had.”


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