This 23-year-old chef from New Orleans has created his own line of food seasoning


MEET CHEF Derek Robinson, a chef from New Orleans who has released his own range of seasoning.

The 23-year-old grew up watching his mother, Karen, a professionally trained chef-cooking in their kitchen and it sparked an idea.

“My mum was a trained chef, so I grew up watching her put a spin on traditional New Orleans dishes, like her seafood etoufee, she seasoned it with her own blend of seasonings,” Derek told “My mum didn’t use [seasoning], her food was authentic and you could taste it.”

Derek didn’t start his culinary journey until he was in college, where he switched from his general studies course to culinary arts.

“I didn’t decide I wanted to be a chef until after my first semester of college, I was going for general studies, but the same chef my mum graduated under spoke to me, which inspired me to major in the arts, I switched from general studies to culinary arts”.

Fast forward a few years and Derek is the sole owner of Chef Gone Mad LLC, where he’s carved out a niche for himself.

Derek has branded himself as a private chef, catering to people who want a luxury dining experience in the privacy of their own homes.

And in 2015, In Derek introduced a line of specialty seasonings.

Chef Gone Mad seasoning blends includes a salt free seasoning for chicken and fish, a salt free smoked garlic and herb seasoning perfect for vegetable dishes, and a Cajun Nola seasoning.

“My seasoning blends don’t just enhance the flavor of your food but it adds the essence of New Orleans to every bite.”

He added: “I did my own line of seasonings because I wanted to start something where I could make money when I’m finished cooking, this is basically my retirement for myself. This is a product that will sell forever”.


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