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Campaigner ‘Little Miss Flint’, aged 9, announces she will run for president in 2044

PRESIDENTIAL BID: Amariyanna ‘Little Miss Flint’ Copeny

A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl who has campaigned for clean water in Flint, Michigan, amid lengthy water crisis, has announced her bid for president in 2044.

Amariyanna Copeny, who won the title of ‘Little Miss Flint’ after she wrote a letter to then president Barack Obama convincing him to visit her hometown while it was undergoing a contaminated water crisis, announced her plans to become the first woman to hold the country’s top position on Twitter.

“I guess its official, i announced my bid for President 2044 at the ‪#DNCForum‬ ‪#FutureForum‬ ‪#FuturePresident‬ ‪#Mari2044,” she wrote.‬

‪Amariyanna has criticised current ‬President Trump for breaking his promise to address the same issue.

“President Trump also came to Flint. I met him,” Copeny said after commending Obama for visiting Flint. “[Trump] was not so very nice to me at all.”

EMBRACE: Amariyanna meeting President Obama

She said President Trump didn’t let her ask any questions during his visit. She then criticised the President for not addressing the water crisis in Flint since taking office.

“On the campaign trail, he promised he would fix Flint,” she said. “Unfortunately, this was one promise that he failed to keep, just like his promise to make America great again.”

Flint faced a drinking water emergency after city officials belatedly confirmed in 2015 that the water supply was contaminated with lead and had poisoned local children.

In January 2017, officials announced that the water supply no longer exceeded the federal lead limit, but it is still not considered safe to drink.

In March, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded Michigan $100 million to upgrade Flint’s water infrastructure, using funds Congress approved under Obama, according to CNN.

She wrote in a separate tweet: “It’s OK, President Obama, I got this in 2044…I’m gonna be the first girl president.”


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