Black excellence

This 13-year-old is the founder of the ‘Brown Girl Magic’ conference, an event to empower girls of colour

EMPOWERING GIRLS: Mikaela Sydney Smith

A 13-YEAR-OLD girl has launched a conference to inspire girls of colour to “activate your inner magic”.

Mikaela Sydney Smith founded the Brown Girl Magic event when she was 11 after reading Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen Soul.

She says: “In the book, there were so many kids that were doing good things for their communities, and it was amazing. I was like, ‘Wow, I really want to do something like this,’ she told EUR.

She began by creating her “Crazy Knee Socks for a Cause” campaign to collect socks for kids in need during the winter.

Mikaela and her mother Kia Morgan Smith collected “600 pairs of socks” from Facebook friends and “people who wanted to help out.”

“Once I did that, I just didn’t want to stop,” said Mikaela. “I wanted to know how I could make this an everyday thing, like, for the rest of my life. That’s when I thought of Brown Girl Magic. I wanted girls to celebrate themselves. I wanted them to walk away knowing that they’re special and that they are beautiful.”

Mikaela, who has dreams of becoming a Hollywood star, has already confirmed the conference’s keynote speaker, young entrepreneur Gabrielle Goodwin.

Gabrielle is the founded of GaBBYBOWS, the first of its kind hair barrette that “doesn’t fall out” – a design landed Gabrielle in the national spotlight.

This year’s convention theme is “Activating Your Inner Magic,” and Mikaela says that, for her, this means “loving you from the inside out, not just the outside and what you look like.”


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