Afrobeats star Fuse ODG to debut his NANA (New Africa Nation) fashion line at Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica


AWARD-WINNING Afrobeats star Fuse ODG is to launch his New Africa Nation (NANA) Fashion line at Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica this June.

The London-born, Ghana-raised artist “will be both performing and debuting his fashion line,” Kingsley Cooper, CEO of Pulse model agency and event conceptualiser, said.

“We cannot wait to welcome Fuse ODG to CFW. Jamaica loves his music and beyond that, his message of self-love resonates with everything we stand for. It’s going to be an epic year,” he added.

Fuse ODG, a chart-topping artist, said he will be bringing his “New Africa” message to Jamaica.

“It’s something that encapsulates what Africa is now. The stuff I saw on TV about Africa when I was growing up was so negative, but these kids have grown up now, and they’re showing the successful and positive side of Africa,” he said in a release, lit’s about being proud of where you’re from.”

In December, Fuse released a line of dolls inspired by “historical black women from Africa”.

The Nana Dolls, he said, “represents power, bravery, confidence and many other attributes that the younger generation need to know that they already possess”.

At the time, the Best African Act MOBO Award-winner, who developed the movement This Is New Africa (TINA), which aims to showcase the Africa he knows and loves – a vibrant and self-sufficient continent, said in a statement:

“OK SO… We present to you NANA Dolls..@HelloNanaDolls We’ve been working on this for a while..a way to educate our young children about their history in a fun way.

In addition, his achievements also include his debut album T I N A (This Is New Africa) going silver and Top 5 UK chart hits including Million Pound Girl and Dangerous Love with Sean Paul.

The 2016 dancehall-fuelled EDM track Light It Up with Major Lazer and Nyla was certified platinum in the UK and United States.

The annual fashion festival is slated for June 7 to 11.


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