This six-year-old’s lemonade stand provides supplies for foster children going into new homes


A’LAYAH ROBINSON has been through foster care before, so she knows better than most what those children need.

She was fortunate that her foster family was prepared for her arrival, but when her brother had to come along at the last minute, he had nothing.

A’Layah gave him a stuffed bear, and it sparked an idea.

“She said that day that she wanted to make sure every foster kid had a toy,” Misty, her mother, said.

A’Layah’s Lemonade for Love, a lemonade stand-based charity, provides backpacks of supplies to children in foster care.

She’s raised hundreds of dollars selling lemonade and purchased bags full of special gifts.

The items inside all come from A’Layah’s experiences.

Each bag, which costs $10 to make, has a toothbrush and toothpaste, a book, a Bible and a blanket.

“I get tooth brushes, tooth paste and blankies, a stuffed bear and a bible,” A’Layah said. “I put it in so they can feel special and learn about Jesus in the bible.”

Last month, Misty and A’Layah 50 bags to the Cleveland County, Oklahoma Department of Human Services to donate to the Citizens Advisory Board.

The backpacks will go to foster children in the county’s communities, and Misty said the plan is to donate backpacks to every county in the state.


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