Khareem Oliver, an 18-year-old animal rescue volunteer, has created an app that reunites lost pets with their owners

INNOVATIVE: Khareem Oliver

AS AN animal-rescue volunteer, Khareem Oliver knows all too well about reuniting lost pets with their owners.

For the past ten years, the 18-year-old has noted that many pets do not have the necessary identification that would be useful in contacting their owners.

In 2015, Khareem created Find and Found, an app that attempts to locate lost pets and contact their owners for a safe return.

The app works via an ID tag worn on the pet, which includes a QR code.

Once someone finds the pet, they can scan the QR code on the app and it identifies the pet, which gives the contact information for the owner.

The app also makes use of GPS to assist in locating a pet in real time.

He started working on the app while in an entrepreneurship class, after which he took his idea to Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship competitions, which he won.

One of his prizes was $8,000 in seed money to assist in launching his app.

The Find and Found app has recently partnered with software development group Blubeta, and Khareem has intentions of officially launching the smartphone app in early June.


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