NBA star LeBron James encourages young people ‘dream big’ and pursue STEM careers not just sports

CAMPAIGN: LeBron James

NBA STAR LeBron James is encouraging more young people to consider careers in medicine or engineering instead of just sports as part of a new campaign.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward is highlighting jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and other fields, for Verizon’s new #WeNeedMore campaign

James followed the same sentiments declaring “We don’t need more Lebrons,” in a lengthy Instagram post.

“We need more physical therapists, scientists, police officers, teachers, doctors, professors, physicists, computer engineers, etc!! I want every kid to know there is absolutely NO LIMIT to what you can be,” James wrote Saturday (April 1). “The teacher/accountant/scientist/[doctor]/etc is just as talented as any athlete, if not more.”

The 32-year-old continued: “I can’t even begin to tell you guys how many incredible men [and] women I work with who have never seen the court but are just as vital to our success as I am. There’s no way my game is what it is without them. Open your heart & mind to the world around you. See the possible. Dream big.”

Yesterday (April 3), the athlete’s foundation, The LeBron James Family Foundation, tweeted: “450 NBA player jobs & over 4 million open tech & science jobs. We love @kingjames deeply, but #weneedmore STEM talent #wearefamily @verizon.”


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