Black excellence

‘School is good’: The boy who lost his right arm at 12 after a bomb went off in his Nigerian village, learns to write with left

DETERMINED: Jonathan Gambo

AFTER LOSING his right hand when a discarded Boko Haram bomb went off while he was collecting firewood in his Nigerian village Uba, Jonathan Gambo learned to write with his left.

His body was so blackened by the charcoal dust from the explosion that police who attended the scene declared him dead.

But the barely conscious 12-year-old overheard them talking and was able to force open his eyes. He even managed a smile to show he was still alive.

Two years on from the accident Jonathan, now 14, is back at school but it has not been an easy journey.

Determined not to let anything get in his way despite spending two years in hospital, Jonathan, who attends a private primary school run by the church, now harbours dreams of becoming a lawyer.

“I want to become a lawyer,” he says. “My favourite subjects are mathematics and English. I want to complete my education and stay with my mother. I want to study, because education is good and anybody that studies will find it easy to get employment,” he told The Guardian,


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