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Designer Azede Jean-Pierre, who once made outfit for Michelle Obama, is creating school uniforms for Haitian schoolchildren


A DESIGNER who has clothed former First Lady Michelle Obama and Solange Knowles is giving back to her place of birth by creating school uniforms for students in Haiti.

Azede Jean-Pierre’s work is described as a “sustainable high-end womenswear label for the intellectual, quirky and sophisticated free spirit”.

On a recent trip back to a recent trip back to Haiti, the 28-year-old met with a number of people and organisations that develops and supports schools in underserved communities.

They included Josue Makandal Baziles, president of CEFADEC, an organisation based in her hometown of Pestel that builds agriculture development in local schools.

When they all came together with the Artists for Peace and Justice, the initiative was clear: Students in underprivileged schools needed new uniforms.

ENDORSEMENT: Azede with former First Lady Michelle Obama

Local artists will collaborate on the designs, which will be ready for students at 12 different schools by the fall 2017 school year

“I am excited about the project,” Azede told Nymag. “All education in Haiti is private, and I know firsthand how difficult it is for families to afford the tuition, let alone the additional necessities like books, transportation, and the uniforms. This project gives parents much-needed support, and it’s my hope that it will increase the efficiency of the traditional attire, as well as boost student self-esteem.”

Last year, Azede made Forbes ’30 Under 30′ rundown, which lists 600 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents and change agents in 20 different sectors.

“Thank You @Forbes! Honored to be named #30Under30 Art & Style of 2016,” Azede said on making the prestigious annual rundown.


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