From Harvard Business School classmates to CEOs: This enterprising duo created a line of nude lipsticks for women of colour

GAP IN THE MARKET: Kristen “KJ” Miller and Amanda E. Johnson

TWO YEARS ago Harvard Business School classmates Kristen “KJ” Miller and Amanda E. Johnson put their heads together and filled a hole in the cosmetics industry.

They created Mented, short for pigmented, a range of nude lipstick shades for women of colour.

Both women recall frustrating experiences while shopping for nude lipsticks and being handed pink and peach colors for their brown lips.

“[Make-up consultants would say], ‘I can create a nude look for you if I use this lip liner, this concealer, this lipstick, this lip gloss and everything else… and now I’ve got it.’ But how am Igonna recreate that?” Kristen told The Grio.

Last year, the pair introduced six shades to their line and began conducting focus groups and finding manufacturers went on to secure a lead investor.

Both left their jobs to o pursue Mented Cosmetics full-time and take their rightful share of the country’s $62 billion dollar cosmetic industry

In February, Mented, rolled out their range of six nude lipsticks to great reviews online.


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