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Teen motivational speaker pens book to help students cope with mental health after suffering a breakdown in university


AWARD-WINNING motivational speaker Hayley Mulenda is no stranger to The Young Empire.

She first came to our attention last year for the work that she was doing to overcome the trauma of bullying while building a successful brand as a nationally-acclaimed entrepreneur.

Now, the 19-year-old has yet another accomplishment to tick off her impressive to-do list following the release of her debut book.

The ABCs to Student Success is a self-help book aimed at students dealing with mental health and is based upon the premise of “turning setbacks into comebacks”.

In it, Haley uses “the Method of Loci”, a psychological approach, to teach life-changing lessons.

The best part? The book is retrospective.

Hayley has lived each lesson that is documented in her book and shares her harrowing experience of mental illness, suicidal thoughts, university woes and more, making it deeply relatable read to others that share similar experiences.

During her time at university, Hayley reveals she suffered a “breakdown” where she was forced to “self-reflect and evaluate”.

“It was during that time that I learned the life lessons that I needed to enhance me to the next level”, she told London Live.

With 1 in 4 students experiencing mental illness, Hayley said she realised she wasn’t alone and felt it important to talk about her personal experience because “if I can go through it, someone else can”.

She told The Young Empire: “I want readers to understand the importance of self reflection and evaluation – you need to evaluate in order to elevate.”

With an impressive 4.9* rating on Amazon and increasing sales by the day, The ABCs to Student Success equips students, particularly youth, with the capability to be informed, inspired and empowered.

WORDS: Nadine White


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