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This six-year-old girl used the money set aside for her birthday party and fed 125 homeless people instead

GIVING BACK: Amani Crews

THIS IS Amani Crews, a six-year-old from Chicago who decided to set aside the money for her birthday party in favour of feeding the homeless.

The schoolgirl took the $300 (£245) her parents would have spent on her big day, her family bought food to hand out to those in need in her local Chicago community.

So the family purchased chicken, fish, spaghetti, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, cake, cookies, fruit and water to hand out in the city’s East Garfield Park neighbourhood.

In total they fed 125 people.

The idea gained momentum after Armani mentioned it at their family church and was inundated with dozens more items to make up complete care packages.

The care packages also included toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and hand sanitiser.

IN ACTION: Amani feeding the homeless

“It was nice to be nice,” Armani told US broadcaster, ABC News.

Her mother Artesha Crews added that the youngster had been asking for months to be allowed feed the homeless.

Initially, she and her husband Antoine had thought that their little girl was joking.

After Antoine had explained the she would have to forfeit a party and presents, she insisted they go ahead.


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