Teyana Taylor’s second campaign with Reebok follows release of workout video series

WORKING HARD: Teyana Taylor

TEYANA TAYLOR has released her second campaign with Reebok to coincide with the sports giant’s 25th anniversary.

Back in January, Reebok announced it would be partnering with the singer and dancer To re-release the Freestyle Hi, also known as the 5411.

“I’m a serious sneakerhead, I can dance in anything, but the 5411’s are so light weight and narrow and they have the ankle support,” Teyana said of the shoe style when the brand partnership was first announced. “And you can wear them with anything.”

Last month, Teyana launched her own streaming workout video series, Fade 2 Fit.

“I wanted to share my secret and show everybody how I get my body,” says Teyana said of the decision to turn a lifestyle into a burgeoning fitness movement following her much talked about appearance in Kanye West’s Fade video.

Even after giving birth to her daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr., she regained her supernaturally sculpted shape in a few weeks simply by dancing. “Dance is a workout. Dance is fitness,” she says.


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