Meet 17-year-old Warren Cassell: A successful investment entrepreneur and published author from Montserrat

INSPIRATION: Warren Cassell

INSPIRATION: Warren Cassell

WARREN CASSELL wants to go down in history as “someone who inspired millions, and who reshaped the entire economy of the Caribbean”.

At 17, he’s already an internationally recognised entrepreneur, published author of two books, and highly successful investor from the Caribbean island of Montserrat, so it’s safe to say he’s well on his way.

Warren is the chairman of The Abella Group, his own privately-held investment holding company with a solid reach around the globe and also has investment holdings in the financial services, media and real estate.

He has also authored two books: The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that Will Ignite a Wiser You and Swim or Drown: Business and Life Lessons I’ve Learned from the Ocean. 

 “I am a person who views success as a duty,” Warren told “I believe that everyone should maximize their potential here on earth, because it is only when you are working at your highest possible levels that you truly create value in the world.”

Warren, who regularly delivers inspirational talks to young people around the world, added: “My goal with all of my projects is to inspire others to start viewing their success as a duty as well.

Warren’s “fascination” with the business world began when he was eight years old. He would often study successful people and their strategies.

“I realised a few things: successful people don’t condemn wealth creation; they create their wealth from owning and investing in businesses and their wealth allows them to protect and support themselves as well as the ones they love. Out of that, I concluded that I must approach wealth creation as a responsibility so that I can share my wealth with the ones I love.”

With The Abella Group, which is based in Montserrat, Warren tends to invest in established businesses “that have the ability to grow over the long run”.

“Sectors we like are financial services, asset management and multi-family real estate. Our current portfolio currently comprises both publicly traded and private companies. Some of our investments include Sagicor Financial Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, and Bank of Montserrat Ltd,” he said.

Although Warren does most of the investment analysis work, Abella has contracted two legal counsels, and a public relations consultant. “When I ran a mobile application development firm I had a back office in India and the Philippines as well,” he adds.

The teen says his goals are the motivation that keeps him going.

“My overall goals for life keep me going. Whenever I hit a roadblock I write my goals down—this helps to remind me where I currently am and where I ought to be. I want to go down in history as someone who inspired millions, and who reshaped the entire economy of the Caribbean.”


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