Eight-year-old learns basics of entrepreneurship and starts baking company so he can buy a house for his mum


AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD baker has opened his own bakery with the goal of earning enough money to buy a home for his mum.

Jalen Bailey runs the entire business out of a rental home that he lives in with his mother, Sharhonda Mahan, in Fresno, California, and makes everything from scratch.

He started his own website, Jalen’s Bakery, where he is offering an array of baked goods including cookies, muffins, cakes and bread – and he is already getting a lot of requests.

“I wanted to save up a lot of money to get a house,” Jalen, who started baking at 5, told ABC. “I just want one that me and my mum can be happy in.”

For now, he’s delivering the baked goods locally around Fresno with help from his mom — but he launched a GoFundMe, hoping to eventually ship nationwide.

“I said I wanted to be a millionaire,” he added. “I thought that wasn’t possible but now I think it is.”

Jalen has had the entrepreneurial bug since he was six and started an annual back-to-school drive at a local homeless shelter and made bracelets to sell at school carnivals.

He also took a business class in early June to learn how to start a lemonade stand, but decided to use those same skills to instead open a bakery.

“Everyone in the family kept telling him how good he is at baking and suggested doing that instead of a lemonade stand,” Mahan said. “He agreed with them and the very next day, he was filling out an application to get his baking licence.”

Once he had his licence, he attended his first business mixer. While networking with local bakers, he met one who offered to donate Jalen an oven

And his advice for other young aspiring entrepreneurs? “Plan big dreams ahead of you.”


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