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The youngest stars of ‘Moonlight’ return to school after Oscar win

BACK TO SCHOOL: xxx and Alex R. Hibbert

BACK TO SCHOOL: Jaden Pinner and Alex R. Hibbert

JUST DAYS after taking the Oscars stage to accept the award for Best Picture alongside the rest of the Moonlight cast, seventh-graders Alex R. Hibbert and Jaden Piner returned to school last week to resume their studies.

The pair — who played the youngest versions of Chiron and Kevin, respectively — both attend Norland Middle School near Liberty City, the Miami community where Moonlight is set.

“It shows that Liberty City is not really a bad place and you can’t judge it by the news,” Alex told the Associated Press. “When you watch Moonlight, you find the beauty of Liberty City.”

Drama teacher Tanisha Cidel — who also had a role in the film as a school principal — said the boys’ success should encourage others to pursue their dreams.

“I want the parents to understand that if your child has any talent or shows an interest in the arts, take it seriously,” she said.


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