Rihanna channels the Black Panthers at Dior show and the models do the same on the catwalk

HOMAGE: Rihanna and Dior models

HOMAGE: Rihanna and Dior models

RIHANNA CHANNELLED the Black Panther ssat Dior’s Fall show yesterday.

The Barbados-born singer wore a black leather beret perched on her head, she slipped onto her front row seat dressed in a steely ensemble that recalled the militant wares of the Black Panther Party.

But she had company as all the models wore the iconic accessory on the runway moments later.

The black leather beret—and trench for that matter—has long been associated with the look of the black power movement.

Furthermore, it was part of a uniform for Black Panther Party members.

“Politics has been a hot topic at Fashion Week this season,” Vogue wrote of the show.

“Many designers are figuring out how to address with their collections.”

The Black Panther Party or the BPP (originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense) was a revolutionary black nationalist and socialist organisation active in the United States from 1966 until 1982, with international chapters operating in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s and in Algeria from 1969 until 1972.

At its inception on October 15, 1966, the Black Panther Party’s core practice was its armed citizens’ patrols to monitor the behavior of officers of the Oakland Police Departmentand challenge police brutality in Oakland, California. In 1969, community social programs became a core activity of party members. The Black Panther Party instituted a variety of community social programs, most extensively the Free Breakfast for Children Programs, and community health clinics.

The party enrolled the largest number of members and made the greatest impact in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Philadelphia.


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