Entrepreneur develops app that allows users to locate ‘underrepresented’ African and Caribbean restaurants and takeaways in London



FOOD ENTHUSIAST Vivian Ngwodo has developed an app that allows users to find African and Caribbean takeaways in London.

In 2010, Vivian resigned from her Foreign Operations job in one of Nigeria’s major banks and embarked on a journey to Scotland to pursue a Master’s Degree and began her career journey in the UK financial industry.

She relocated to London in 2012 to start a new job and was excited at the fact that being in London also meant having more access to her beloved Nigerian food.

However, she soon discovered how difficult and frustrating it was to find Nigerian or other African restaurants in London.

In 2014, she launched Chopstreets, a super directory African and Caribbean restaurants and food business from across London.

The location-based app makes it easier for people from all ethnicities to find & review African and Caribbean restaurants.

“African and Caribbean cuisines have been under-represented for far too long and I am on a mission to make them famous by using technology to provide a platform for people to discover Afro-Caribbean cuisine easily and also set a standard for the Afro-Caribbean food industry in the UK,” Vivian said.

“My vision for Chopstreets is that it becomes an active social network for both African and Non-Africans as I believe eating is a social activity and the best friendships are made over food.”

Additionally, with the social networking feature, users can instantly see African and Caribbean food recommended by their friends and contacts and event share their own dining experiences.


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