Frank Ocean announces new Apple Beats 1 Radio show

NEW SHOW: Frank Ocean

NEW SHOW: Frank Ocean

FRANK OCEAN has announced he will be hosting a show on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio.

Following the release of “Slide,” Calvin Harris’ new song with Frank Ocean and Migos, Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio premiered a two-hour show called blondedRadio and billed as “Frank Ocean presents.”

The first show, currently airing on the streaming service from 12 to 2 p.m. ET, features a mix of cuts from the hitmaking likes of Migos and Future, as well as “selections with Vegyn, Roof Access and Federico Aliprandi,” according to a release.

Throughout the broadcast listeners got music from everyone from Air to DJ Rashad, along with selections from a trio of special guests (Federico Aliprandi, Roof Access, and Vegyn), but Frank one-upped this treat by getting an exclusive (yet brief) conversation with Jay Z where they discussed modern radio.

As of right now there’s no word on the frequency of blonded on Beats 1, but he joins a litany of artists (Drake, Run The Jewels, Travis Scott, and others) who have curated radio programs for the service.


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