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All three generations of Moonlight’s Chiron walk the Oscars red carpet together ahead of Best Picture win

BLACK BOY JOY: Trevante Rhodes, Alex R.Hibbert and

BLACK BOY JOY: Trevante Rhodes, Alex R.Hibbert and Ashton’s Sanders on the red carpet

ALL THREE actors who played actors who played the character of Chiron in Moonlight – 12-year-old Alex R. Hibbert, 21-year-old Ashton Sanders and 27-year-old Trevante Rhodes – walked the Oscars carpet together ahead of taking home the Best Picture Award.

Wearing coordinated black suits with black ties, Trevante said the moment meant “everything”.

“It means everything for the industry, it means everything for the world, in my opinion. I feel like inclusion, acceptance, all these things are the most important things we have,” he told ET. “Love is the most important thing we have. So, for this film to be receiving what it’s receiving, and to be here… it’s great for the industry and it’s great for us.”

The trio’s co-star Mahershala Ali took home the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Moonlight tells the story of Chiron, a young black man growing up in the slums of Miami. The film is told in three parts — with a different actor playing the character as a child, a teenager and an adult — and the resemblance between the three is uncanny, and one of the most fascinating parts of the movie’s complicated, heartbreaking story.


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