Black excellence

This five-year-old girl transforms into iconic black women and it helps build her confidence

ICONIC: Lola Jones as civil rights activist, Angela Davis

ICONIC: Lola Jones as activist, Angela Davis

MEET LOLA Jones, the five-year-old girl who recreates images of black women throughout history.

Her interest in key figures from the past began after she came home from school last month with questions about Martin Luther King Jr. This is when her parents decided it was time to have a talk about slavery and civil rights.

Lola’s mother Cristi admits it was “deep and heavy” topics for a child, so worked out a way to make it easier for her to understand.

“What if Lola learned about the contributions of notable black women while dressing up as them and re-creating their most iconic looks?,” Christi said.

“I started thinking that this would be a fun way for her to learn about the strong women who paved the way for the youth of today.”

The 29-year-old shopped in charity stores and the internet, spending less than $40 on a few props — an aviator hat, a bonnet, two wigs and a little boy’s jacket — and repurposed items from the house and began their pictorial project.

She has helped her daughter transform into some of America’s most accomplished and admired black women, from Rosa Parks and Shirley Chisholm to Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison and Misty Copeland.

Christi said that learning about the women featured in their pictorial project has already had an impact on Lola.

“Lola has always been so quiet and shy and still is, but she has come out of her shell somewhat,” said her teacher Teresa Sawyer. “She will tell us about the picture or answer her peers questions about the pictures without hesitation now. I can tell that she is really proud of the project, as she should be.”


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