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Issa Rae, star and creator of ‘Insecure’, honoured by LA City Council for ‘shaping public perception of neighbourhood’ with hit series

HONOURED: Issa Rae with LA council members

HONOURED: Issa Rae with LA council members

THE STAR and creator of HBO’s Insecure has been honoured by LA City Council for positively ‘shaping public perception of the neighbourhood’ with the hit series.

Issa Rae was presented with the honour in a ceremony yesterday (Feb 21), also the celebration of Black Women’s Day, by LA City Council members.

Speaking on Issa Rae and Insecure, which is shot on location in South LA, Council member Marqueece Harris-Dawson said that the show goes a long way in shaping public perception of the neighborhood.

“Issa Rae saw that, all too often, the picture of our neighborhoods and our people are inaccurate. She didn’t ask permission, she just created a new image of South LA, one that was more honest about the real lives and stories she has experienced.”

He added that, by filming the show in South LA, the series has even gone as far as providing jobs to people of colour.

“For me, it was about representing the richness,” Issa Rae told the council, according to City News Service. “It’s predominately black and Latino and Asian. It’s a balance of affluence and poverty, but the two mesh and it’s so beautiful to walk about feeling like your city is home. I want to thank you all for recognising that.”

HBO picked up Insecure for a second season in late 2016.

Before that, Issa Rae had helmed the wildly successful web series, Awkward Black Girl.

There’s also the New York Times bestseller – The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl – which was published in the summer of 2016.

She was also nominated for a Golden Globe as an actress in 2017, as well as a NAACP Image Award.


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