Black excellence

Meet the entrepreneur making world travel more accessible to people of colour though her popular DIY web series



MEET EVITA Robinson is the founder of the Nomadness Travel Tribe, a network for travellers of colour.

A pioneer of the “urban travel” movement, Nomadness has grown since its launch in 2010 from a DIY travel web series into a network that now counts more than 15,000 members worldwide.

Evita says she understands how women of colour can feel isolated while travelling, and how crucial it is to have a supportive community.

Her travel series, Nomadness TV, offers a hub for travellers to learn, interact and experience specatular voyages together, via an online social community and events.

But before there was the Tribe, there was only Evita – an expatriate in Japan videotaping her life and calling it the NomadnessTV web series.

“It was really my way to answer my own problem,” she told Black Enterprise. “I was living in Japan for a year as an ex-pat at that time, it was my second time being an ex-pat. I’d lived in Paris right after my college graduation, and I was out there teaching English and bartending. While I was there, I thought ‘Let’s start this Web series to let my family and friends know I’m alive and OK during this stint in Japan. About 10 months into it, I realised no one was going to come out to visit me, so I wanted to bring my experiences out to them.”

She added: “It really started out as a way for me to showcase my life being a 20-something, female backpacker.

“I didnt see anything like that in mainstream media so I thought there was a space there to tell that story using my background in TV and freelancing.”

Evita graduated from Iona College in 2006 with a degree in television/video production, and what started out as a humble vlog series about her adventures abroad post-graduation soon grew into an empire.

While cultivating a travel community, she joined forces with Issa Rae, who, at the time had created hit YouTube series Awkward Black Girl (it was later picked up by HBO), in 2015 to launch a new travel web series, The Nomadness Project.

The series follows Tribe members as they fly around the world and build connections.

But Evita’s empire doesn’t end with travel. In 2015, Nomadness partnered with lifestyle brand Rue 107 to create a line of “curve friendly” swimsuits inspired by the Tribe.


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