British artist Stormzy announces launch of indie label #Merky



EARLIER THIS month, British artist Stormzy announced he would be releasing his debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer, after taking a five-month hiatus from music – and social media.

The unsigned star’s announcement was welcomed by his legions of fans, with the excitement pushing the first track from the album, Big For Your Boots, to No.8 in the British charts – his second Top Ten single after independent release, Shut Up in 2015.

A true trail blazer with a truly independent spirit, Stormzy, having risen to the top on his own merit and talent without a record label in sight.


So it comes as no surprise that the 23-year-old, who is also a certified actor having starred in Noel Clarke’s UK blockbuster, Brotherhood, has announced he has set up and independent record label, #Merky.

Announcing the news on Twitter today (Feb 17), he said: “#MERKY is officially an indie label, by God’s grace.”

#Merky, his much-loved mantra, has formed the name of many of Stormzy’s products, including his Apple Music Show and an honorary burger at fast food restaurant, Nandos.



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