Inspirational British rapper Mikel Ameen organising life-enriching trip to Kenya with fans



INSPIRATIONAL BRITISH rapper and producer Mikel Ameen will take fans from around the world on an international expedition to Kenya as part of his “World Changer Life” movement.

For seven days, the “World Changer Travellers”, as dubbed by Mikel, will get to experience East African culture, go on safaris, taste traditional cuisine, commune on the beach and see Mikel live in concert in Kenya’s largest city, Nairobi.

“Just like music travelling can really expand and open your mind to new thoughts and ideas that can ultimately change your life,” Mikel told The Young Empire. “I want to be the facilitator for my followers to have that experience so look out for a lot more of these World Changer Road Trips.”

This idea was launched last year after Mikel won a competition to perform at the Afropunk Festival in Paris.

“Instead of just going and performing my manager and I decided we would turn it into a road trip experience and bring my fans along with us for the crazy ride,” he said.

GROUP TRAVEL: Mikel and his "World Changer Travellers" in Paris last year

GROUP TRAVEL: Mikel and his “World Changer Travellers” in Paris last year

Over 50 “World changers” joined Mikel on his trip to Paris and together they started a movement that enriched both parties.

The World Changer Life movement a culture brewing amongst London based creatives powered by the phrase ‘Be the change you want to see’.

Mikel, who leads the movement, says his message is “refreshing, rebellious, unapologetic and all round inspiring”.

“Just like the music it is used to communicate a message of Love, Freedom, Unity and self-empowerment,” he said.

The trip, which currently has only five available spaces, takes place from October 9 – 16, 2017.

For more information about the road trip experience and itinerary, visit: 

 WORDS: Dionne Grant


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