Supermodel Naomi Campbell stars in Gap throwback campaign paying homage to her advert from the ’90s

THROWBACK: Naomi Campbell in 1992, left, and now

THROWBACK: Naomi Campbell in 1992, left, and now

BRITISH SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell stars in a throwback Gap campaign, which pays homage to the brand’s famous ’90s style.

The new campaign sees Naomi dressing her in the same pocket T-shirt she wore in 1992.

Naomi reunites with legendary photographer Steven Meisel, who she shot with 25 years ago, and said it is an “honour” to be a part of the new campaign.

“The creativity in the ’90s is something I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of and to see and to learn from and to draw inspiration from,” she said.

Posting the throwback picture on Instagram, she said: “My first @Gap campaign was nerve racking, I couldn’t sleep the night before. It was one of the first jobs where I shot as myself, not shot as a character. Its amazing to be part of a Gap campaign again #24 years later wearing same outfit #TheArchiveReissue #stevenmeisel”


Speaking to, she also reminisced about the differences between shooting this ad and the one she was in two and a half decades ago.

“Back in the day, the ’90s shoots were just done on a much smaller scale,” she said.

She also talked about the fashion, saying: “What’s great about these simple jeans and tees is that they are basics that will never go away and are just constants in all of our lives. I’ve always loved the cardis too, all of it is just comfortable.”

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