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‘I’m about to jump into theatres that seat 2000 people, here I come’ -Kevin Hart’s promise to the world eight years ago

DREAM BIG: Kevin Hart as a youngster and now

DREAM BIG: Kevin Hart as a youngster and now

‘WORDS HAVE power’, ‘thoughts become things’.

It’s likely you have heard these adages as you’ve journeyed through life. But for some of the most successful among us, these sayings have come to fruition.

By 2009, Kevin Hart had landed roles in films including Scary Movie 3, Soul Plane and Little Fockers, but warned the world that there was much more to come from him.

He tweeted at the time: “It’s time for me to really get focused and take it up a notch. I’m about to jump into theatres that seat 2000 people, here I come people.”

Fast forward to today and the 37-year-old is one of the biggest stand-up comedians in the world and is selling out theatres with his cinematic releases by the minute.

In 2011, Kevin grossed over $15 million from ‘Laugh at My Pain’ making it one of the year’s top-selling comedy tours.

PROMISE: Kevin's tweet posted in 2009

PROMISE: Kevin’s tweet posted in 2009

And just last year, he was given his own day in his home state of California.

“The state of California has just given me my own day,” he wrote.

“I’m proud to announce that in the state of California February 22nd will forever be know as “Kevin Hart Day”

In 2015, Time Magazine named Kevin, the self-dubbed ‘comedic rockstar’, one of the 100 most influential people in the world on the annual Time 100 list.

Writing about Kevin for TIME, fellow comedian Chris Rock wrote: “I recently told Jerry Seinfeld, “Kevin’s at the big-boy table now, and nobody’s telling him to go away.”

Commenting on his old tweet, which was posted by a fan, Kevin wrote: “Fast forward to 7+ years later and I’m selling out football stadiums. Stay true to your dreams and aspirations and goals. Nobody believes in YOU more than YOU!”


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