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‪Aged 9, Mary-Pat Hector made a commitment to become a youth-focused activist. At 19, she is running for office

INSPIRATION: Mary-Pat Hector

INSPIRATION: Mary-Pat Hector

MEET MARY-PAT Hector, who, at 9, made a commitment to becoming an activist to shed light on issues affecting young people.

At 10, she founded Youth in Action and began to mobilise young people across the country to take a stand on issues like bullying, gun-violence and drugs.

In addition to her duties as founder and spokesperson for Youth in Action, she is National Youth Director of National Action Network Youth Move, the organisation founded by civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton.

Mary-Pat speaks throughout the country educating youth on violence and other issues crippling her generation. In a recent speech in Washington, DC Mary Pat spoke of jobs for young people and providing programs across the country for them as alternatives to gang involvement and violence.

Through National Action Network Mary Pat provides teen-safety workshops for schools and trains teens and college students in many areas of youth advocacy techniques.

In addition to past achievements, Mary Pat, now 19, has recently announced her candidacy for Stonecrest City Council in her Georgia hometown.

Mary-Pat, a Spelman College Sophomore, is one of five candidates seeking the District 4 seat in the March 21 election.

A manifesto on her website reads: “[She] has contributed to the betterment of tomorrow and understands the home is where the heart is and that the people of Stonecrest need an advocate for them this upcoming election where she seeks to become the Post 4 City Councilwoman for the City of Stonecrest.”


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