Award-winning UK lifestyle vlogger Gracie Francesca lands publishing deal


BOOK DEAL: Grace F Victory

BOOK DEAL: Grace F Victory

POPULAR BRITISH vlogger Gracie Francesa has announced she has signed a publishing deal and will add author to her growing list of accomplishments when her book is released in Summer.

Aptly titled No Filter will be a no holds barred account of the award-winning personality’s journey up until this point.

“This is my biggest announcement to date,” she said in a video posted on her YouTube channel today (Jan 29).

The vlogger is no stranger to talking about taboo subjects such as depression, eating disorders and self-harming, but promises this book will give her the opportunity to “open up a bit more”.

She said: “Because I’m in therapy at the moment, I’m understanding more about myself and my emotions and I’m constantly changing. I feel like I’m completely different to how I was just a few months ago, but there are some things I can’t talk about on YouTube, only because I don’t want to open a can of worms.

“I want to tell you guys my true story, my whole story, but in a safe way. There are lots of things that have happened in my life that I haven’t spoken about to pretty much anyone, but like I said, I’m in therapy and I’m beginning to talk about certain things and I’m comfortable talking to people about my experiences and what I’ve been through. Not just with mental health and childhood trauma, but also about boys and sex and friendships and things that happened way before the internet was even a big thing.

On landing her publishing deal, she teased: “This thing has been a long time coming, I was in talks about this over a year ago and in October I met with 14 publishers to talk about doing a book.

“I was very adamant that I wanted it to be a book that was very true and raw and stripped back about my life – sort of like a self-help book. I wanted people to cry, but also laugh. I wanted to share my story in full up until now.”

It’s no secret that the last few years have been a transformative one for Gracie, who has fronted a number of hard-hitting BBC documentaries and took home Cosmopolitan’s Blog of the Year awards in November 2015.

Gracie, who calls herself ‘The Internet’s Big Sister’, started making YouTube videos in 2011 and built up a sizeable following with her blogs about beauty, style, travel and food.

Most notably, in 2012, she shares her story, The Pressure To Be Perfect, which introduced her to new audiences around the world struggling with body image.

“I’m very lucky that I was offered a deal from various publishers, but I have signed with Headline,” she said.

“The book is called No Filter and I can not wait. There will be chapters on sex, vaginas, boobs and stretch marks. It’s my chance to tell my story and for you guys to see me for me.”

No Filter will be released on July 27, 2017, through Headline.

WORDS: Dionne Grant


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