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‘While having doubts about my own goals, this opportunity came’ – Netflix acquires film starring John Boyega pre-Star Wars fame

MUCH-NEEDED PERSPECTIVE: John Boyega stars as 'reformed gangster' Bambi in Imperial Dreams

MUCH-NEEDED PERSPECTIVE: John Boyega stars as ‘reformed gangster’ Bambi in Imperial Dreams

FOUR YEARS ago, and pre Star Wars fame, British actor John Boyega landed the leading role in the movie, Imperial Dreams.

The film, which had now be acquired by Netflix, centres on Bambi, played by John, a 21-year-old who has just been released from prison and is looking to jumpstart a writing career in order to turn his life around.

However, as soon as he hits the streets of his old neighborhood, he’s confronted with challenges that threaten to pull him back into a life of crime.

Most pressing is the need to care for his four-year-old son Day who has been left in the care of his drug-running uncle after Bambi’s girlfriend Samaara, played by Keke Palmer, is locked up on charges of her own.

“Four years ago I filmed this movie Imperial Dreams about a young man fighting against his circumstance while trying to raise his child. Really proud of this one and it’s a long time coming,” John wrote on Instagram.

He said the role allowed him to experience a “much-needed perspective”.

“While having doubts about my own goals this opportunity came around. It was a chance for me to experience a world that was never mine and a chance to gain much needed perspective. Enjoy! #Netflix.”

The film was shot on location in the Imperial Courts Projects for authenticity, and won a Sundance Next award. Netflix calls it a “gangster fairy tale about a father’s struggle to build a better life for his son”.

The feature-length movie will be available from February 3 on Netflix accounts worldwide.


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