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YouTube Queen Patricia Bright celebrates career milestone as she reaches one million subscribers on video sharing site



YOUTUBE QUEEN Patricia Bright has reached yet another milestone in her inspiring career.

The mother-of-one announced today (Jan 24), that she had reached one million subscribers on the video sharing platform.

“Well this just happened. I just reached over a million subscribers,” she wrote on Instagram. “It has been a long time on this journey, from a bored accounting and finance student, to a frustrated city girl who wanted to do something a little extra. I’m here today.”

She added: “Hopefully I stand for something a little different, and show that all kinds of women can stand up and be accounted for. And but the way, there is room for everyone at the top of their game, so ladies and gentlemen let’s be inspired to lift up those around us and never pull down. #beyondgreatful.”

Over the last few years, the fashion, make-up and lifestyle guru has built a steady following by sharing her wardrobe secrets – while dishing out valuable advice – with the world wide web.

In that time, she also introduced us to her much-loved husband Mike and the couple welcomed their first child, Grace, last year.

But for the London-based fashionista, who is of Nigerian descent, this is more than a numbers game.

“For a long time I had no followers, but still enjoyed the process of creation,” says told The Voice newspaper in 2014.

“I started [uploading videos] while I was an accounting and finance student. I was bored and found this online community of girls and guys making videos and I wanted to take part.

“Fashion is something I enjoy, it’s not really a goal. I make videos for my followers to enjoy, usually to do with fashion and style. As long as I enjoy sharing content, I will continue.”

In November, Patricia Bright’s achievements were highlighted in new advertising campaign for YouTube, which celebrated top channels

Dubbed #MadeForYou, the campaign featured 18 diverse creators whose channels ranged from lifestyle, science to spoken word poetry.

The campaign also served to signify that close to 200 channels in the UK have over 1 million subscribers, according to YouTube.

WORDS: Dionne Grant


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