This 11-year-old schoolboy runs a sock drive and hands them out to the homeless

GIVING BACK: Rudy Washington

GIVING BACK: Rudy Washington

WHILE MANY of his peers may be playing the latest video game or watching TV, 11-year-old Rudy Washington is walking the streets, flanked by his parents, handing out socks to the homeless.

Rudy, dubbed ‘the sock man’, started the sock drive in 2015, by collecting boxes of socks.

His mother, Starr Washington, said that they stopped counting after receiving 3800 pairs.

There were times when Rudy Jr. would pressure his father, Rudy Washington Sr., to get up and help him load their car with socks, so they could hand them out to the less fortunate.

The schoolboy then walks the streets of his Detroit neighbourhood, whatever the weather, with his parents handing out pairs to the homeless.

“It’s so cold, but it’s worth it,” Rudy, who convinced his mom and dad to leave their warm house to go outside, told the Detroit Click.

As he interacts with those living on the streets he realises why his sock drive is so important.

“I saw this one dude, he didn’t have socks on, his shoes were too small,” Rudy Jr. said. “He had a sign that said, ‘Help, I need shoes.’ I said, ‘I have a box of socks. I might as well give him some.’ It really crushes me to see people without stuff -the necessities – to stay alive.”


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