Black excellence

Meet the 7-year-old Jamaican twins who overcame limitations of their disability to become valedictorians at school


SHINING EXAMPLES: Santoi and Samoi Miller

TWIN SISTERS Santoi and Samoi Miller, who were born with Cerebral Palsy and Cognitive Impairment, have defied all developmental odds and been named valedictorians at their school.

The Jamaican siblings were recently celebrated at the island’s Early Stimulation Programme (ESP) Centre of Excellence, showing that with relentless support, early stimulation and a touch of determination, anything is possible.

Once enrolled at the ESP over the last three years, their teachers quickly realised that the girls needed extra attention to develop their skills and talents.

Issues such as forgetting letters and numbers, not being able to work at the pace of their peers and emotional ups and downs plagued the girls’ development.

Yet, they persevered and went from being shy and reserved to outspoken and ready to face new adventures.

At the end of their programme, which was funded by the Digicel Foundation, they were both chosen as valedictorians for their graduating class.

Digicel Foundation chairman Jean Lowrie-Chin, in celebrating the achievement of the twin girls, believes that there are many other children like Shantoi and Samoi who can benefit from the efforts of the organisation.

Shantoi and Samoi are inspiring classmates, parents, teachers and partners with their infectious warmth and resoundingly positive attitude towards life.

WORDS: Nadine White

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